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Stop Smoking CD

Do you want to Stop Smoking Forever?
Do you want to live longer and feel healthier?
Now you can!
Sales price: 39,95 €

Do you want to Stop Smoking Forever?
Do you want to live longer and feel healthier?
Now you can!

Never tried anything as effective as this program. Best thing I ever did for myself"- David, Dublin.

New Scientist magazine reports that "hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit."

I'd like to tell you about the new and independently verified scientific evidence that hypnosis will work to help you stop smoking, without you needing willpower.

Groundbreaking new studies show that hypnosis works to help you stop smoking.

Recent scientific studies using MRI brain scans are for the first time giving doctors the scientific proof that hypnosis works. In fact, the Royal Society of Medicine recently wrote a report recommending that hypnosis should become a standard technique to be used in the UK's National Health Service.

The Daily Mail newspaper reports: At last, it's official. Hypnotism really does work - and it has an impact on the brain which can be measured scientifically, according to one of America's leading psychiatrists. 'This is scientific evidence that something happens in the brain when people are hypnotised that doesn't happen ordinarily,' Mr Spiegel told delegates. He added that there were 'tremendous medical implications'

What if you suddenly just didn't feel like smoking, and you didn't know why?

It's not that hard to imagine. Think about a time in the past when you finally got something done after procrastinating about it. Eventually, you suddenly felt motivated, and you didn't know why.

For some reason, you just didn't feel like procrastinating any more - and it was almost a magical difference. All that changed was your state of mind - but you didn't know how or why that change happened. Hypnosis is the art of making you suddenly feel like doing things that you had previously not felt like doing.

How does hypnosis work?

Think back to that time when you were procrastinating. There were demotivating and negative thoughts and impulses racing through your mind in an endless loop. They were sapping all of your willpower and motivation, and you didn't really know quite why it was happening.

What if you could reach a state of deep relaxing trance, where you could systematically shut down your unhelpful thought patterns and replace them with beneficial and motivating thought patterns?

Hypnosis is the art of temporarily relaxing and shutting down your conscious thought patterns so that you can replace them with new and beneficial thought patterns. It's that simple. Instead of constantly craving a cigarette, you will suddenly simply not feel like smoking any more.

Hypnosis is not some kind of magic trick. MRI scans of brains undergoing hypnosis prove that there is an altered state which makes us more able to accept suggestions.

Once these suggestions take hold as new thought patterns, you are suddenly free of the negative thought patterns that were holding you back. And just like the feeling of finally getting something done after a period of procrastination, you'll suddenly just not feel like smoking.

You won't know why you don't feel like smoking any more. You'll just not feel like a cigarette. It'll be just your new natural way of thinking.

The skill of hypnosis is in being successfully able to take a patient into a deep state of relaxation. Then it is about knowing how to plant a new suggestion that blossoms into a new way of thinking.

A hypnotist does not need to be physically present to hypnotise you. You just need to listen to our set of treatment videos and relax to the therapists soothing voice from the comfort of your own home or office.

Our hypnotherapy treatment CDS are designed to safely and effectively put you into a state of relaxation. You will then hear suggestions during hypnosis which will sink deep into your subconsious.

Is it safe?

Hypnosis is 100% safe. You will be fully aware of every word that is being said during the hypnosis. You will be fully able to awaken at any point during the hypnosis and return completely back to normal. Even before the hypnotist has given you the instruction to awake in the CD, you could decide to awaken if you really wanted to. You cannot get stuck in any kind of hypnotic state, and hypnosis is just as safe as taking a nap.

During the hypnosis you'll simply feel like you are incredibly relaxed and being given soothing instructions. After the hypnosis, you won't feel any immediate difference. But as you progress through our programme, you'll start to notice changes in the way you feel about smoking, and it'll simply start to feel natural that you don't want to smoke any more.

Smoking will suddenly just feel like an old piece of clothing that you used to wear that you suddenly can't even believe you liked in the first place.

It'll be a wonderfully liberating experience. Best of all, you won't have to use willpower, because smoking simply won't feel like something you ever feel like doing any more.

You'll have grown out of the habit. And it'll feel great.

Studies show that whether you can be hypnotised has nothing to do with how intelligent you are and nothing to do with how convinced about hypnosis you are.

Hypnosis is such an enriching experience that you owe it to yourself to discover if it can work for you.


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