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Romance Enhancement Programme - Helping Couples Connect

We couldn't believe how a three hour programme could change how we related to one another, we learned so much new stuff, it almost feels like we are starting a new relationship all over again, it's wonderful. Terry and Susan, Dublin

Romance Enhancement Program

Get Access Now to our exciting Romance Enhancement Toolkit, which will improve your relationship once you follow our expert advice. This program gives you relationship support for up to five years from the date of purchase. We are here to help you any way we can.
Sales price: 75,00 €

Romance Enhancement Program - Online Program.


Couples who take our programme feel closer, more connected and in some cases fall in love with each other once more. How does this happen?

Our programme uses the best therapeutic practices that have been used throughout the ages to bring people closer together.


It is very simple.

Once you enter our programme, download the workbooks. Complete pages 1-4 of each workbook before watching the three Videos.

Follow the instructions in the Videos, and when you both have time, read the other great Relationship Resources that come with the programme.


The topics we cover are wide ranging.

You will learn about Romance, Managing Money, Coping with Families, Fertility Awareness, Communication Strategies, Managing Conflict, How to improve your sex life, Parenting and much much more.

Our downloadable books have even more great ideas to help you both rediscover your passion for one another.

Testimonials Keith-Liz

Having completed the Avalon programme we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the experience. It was very beneficial to be able to watch these videos in our own home. We completed the booklets before watching the Videos and the interaction with each other was very amusing and loving especially when we discussed our answers. It was nice to sit down with no distractions and we really felt a close bond with each other when the Program was completed.
We would highly recommend this Romance Enhancement program, money well spent! Best Wishes
Keith Morrissey & Liz Kelly


Physical Products

Avalon RC LTD offers a 1-year return policy from date of purchase. Items must be returned complete and undamaged.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we have set out below the personally identifiable information that may be collect when you use our website.


Company Info

Avalon Relationship Consultants is a Limited Company Number 468525.

Contact David on: +00353
86 89 89 086

David has just launched
www.sexaddiction.ie consultation service that treats anyone suffering from sex addiction.